Big Boss Telugu 5: Check Out The Danger Zone Contestant in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

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Two more days until the tenth week of elimination. Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers are making their own guesses in terms of which contestant could get the red card. The nominated contestants for this week's elimination include Sunny, Siri, Ravi, Maanas, and Kajal. 

According to the voting results, Sunny and Siri are in the top two places with the highest votes, and Kajal has garnered the least votes. Sunny, Siri, Ravi, and Maanas are in the safe zone. RJ Kajal is in the danger zone. As Jessie is in the secret room, he is likely to enter the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house this weekend. So the rumour of "no elimination this week" could be fake. 

On the other hand, going by viewers' point of view on social media, Star Maa could plan a no-elimination week to save RJ Kajal. This assumption is because, there were rumours that Boss Telugu 5 makers evicted Vishwa instead of RJ Kajal during the ninth week of elimination. 

Anyway, the tenth-week elimination would be the toughest for Star Maa as all the nominated contestants are strong contestants in the glass house. Fans seel that RJ Kajal is also among the most deserving contestants to be in the top 5 list. Now the question is will Bigg Boss eliminate Jessie in place of RJ Kajal? What do you think? Comment below.

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