BBT6: Will Nagarjuna Lecture Contestants on Unparliamentary Language

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There is no denying the fact that Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 has started impressing the viewers. The show organizers are also coming up with interesting tasks to grab the audience's attention. 

Last night, there was another round of  nomination in Bigg Boss Telugu season 6. Housemates took nearly four hours for the nomination process to get complete the process. People who watched the show live (24*7), would know how long the nomination process went on for in the house. 

BBT6 contestants nominated their housemates over silly reasons. The reasons given by the contestants did not have any ground and seemed very frivilous to the viewers. All the contestants in the house were seen getting hyper and using unparliamentary language in the house.

Viewers are wondering why is Bigg Boss silent and not warning contestants against use of such language? Probably, Bigg Boss is leaving the task to host Nagarjuna to grill the contestants during the weekend episode. Will Nagarjuna lecture the contestants for their language and silly reasons to nominate housemates? 

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We will have to wait till weekend to find out. Stay tuned to Sakshipost for all the updates on Bigg Boss Telugu 6.

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