BBT6: Singer Revanth Next Kaushal of Bigg Boss Telugu?

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Singer Revanth is a Telugu playback singer. He has lent his voice for more than 200 songs in Telugu and Kannada films. If you recall, Singer Revanth was also the winner of Indian Idol 9. Now, Singer Revanth is one of the participants in Bigg Boss Telugu 6.

He is one of the highest-paid contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu season. However, it appears singer Revanth is unable to adjust in Bigg Boss house as everyone are cornering him. Netizens say he is dominating, passing orders to Faima and Aroha to carry on works. Bigg Boss viewers have branded Singer Revanth as a guy showing lot of attitude.

In a few instances over the last few days, Bigg Boss viewers felt Singer Revanth was being cornered by everyone. A section of the audience say that Singer Revanth could be the next Kaushal of Bigg Boss Telugu. Singer Revanth and the housemates' behavior towards Revanth remind us of Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 winner Kaushal Manda.

People still remember how Kaushal Manda was cornered by everyone in the house. But Kaushal won the show with the support of his fans. Singer Revanth is likely to repeat the history created by Kaushal. Will Singer Revanth be able to earn a huge fan following with his genuine performance remains to be seen. 

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