BBT5: Why Shanmukh Jaswanth Will Get Highest Votes

 - Sakshi Post

Looks like the stars and the entire universe is working in favor of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant, Shanmukh Jaswanth. Host Nagarjuna, the show organizers and Bigg Boss viewers are loving everything about Shanmukh in the house. He is super smart when it comes to executing his game plan. 

Last night, Ravi was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house as he failed to fetch more votes from the viewers.

While leaving the house, Ravi told Shannu, "If I go, then only you can win." Going by Ravi's calculations, Shannu and SRC will get votes from their fans. Sunny, Maanas, Siri and Kajal votes will be spilt and no one will win.

On the other hand, Shannu's votes will be increased as Ravi fans might vote for him. Ravi fans and Shannu fans votes will surely make him garner highest votes from the viewers.

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