BBT5: Why Can't Shanmukh Stop Siri's Overaction, Ask Viewers

 - Sakshi Post

Siri and Shannu have been headlining Bigg Boss Telugu for the past three days. The two are also most talked about contestants on social media right now. It seems Bigg Boss Telugu audience are not liking Siri's closeness to Shannu. As we mentioned earlier, Priya in her interview with Ariyana in Bigg Boss Buzz said that Siri will manipulate and influence anyone to win the game or to get what she want. Now Priya's words have come true. Siri is now showing her true colors by running a romantic track with Shannu. From the first week, Siri was always seen with Shannu and influenced his game. 

Siri's kisses and hugs with Shannu are affecting his voting results, and viewers are slamming them for their actions. Sometimes it seems that Shannu is a bit uncomfortable with Siri's actions, but the audience are confused as to why he is not yelling at Siri. They are wanting to know what Shanmukh Jawasnth is not objecting to Siri's actions in the house. Does he have a game plan?A section of the audience feel that Siri is using Shannu to be in the Top 5 list or win the show.  

Anyway, the eliminated contestants also mentioned Siri's nature after they stepped out of the house. 

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