BBT5: Week 4 Nominated Contestants' Opening Voting Trends

 - Sakshi Post

The contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 have successfully completed three weeks of their journey with three eliminations- Sarayu, Uma Devi, and Lahari. It seems that all the housemates are now into the game and are planning well to nominate those contestants whom they wanted to eliminate from the Bigg Boss Telugu House.

During the fourth week nominations, Lobo, Priya, Natraj Master, Sunny, Siri, Ravi, Kajal, and Anee Master were nominated. While Lobo and Natraj got more votes from the contestants, the remaining nominated contestants were voted by two or three people.

According to the unofficial voting trends, Sunny got more votes and is in the safe zone. While Priya, Anchor Ravi, Lobo, and Siri are also in lead with a good number of votes, Anee Master, Natraj Master, and Kajal got very less votes which clearly tells that these three contestants are in the danger zone.

The Bigg Boss audience expects Natraj Master or Lobo to leave the house because they are not able to mingle with other housemates.

As this is the Bigg Boss house, anything may happen there which would influence the audience to vote for their favourite contestant.

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