BBT5: SRC and Hamida Liplock Kickstarts Romance in Telugu Bigg Boss House

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Hey, Bigg Boss Telugu viewers! Are you tired of the show's routine episodes? You will not be bored now because they is 5 much romance in the show as promised by host Akkineni Nagarjuna at the beginning of the show. It appears the friendship between Sreerama and Hamida is slowly changing to love track. Yes, love is in the air in the Telugu Bigg Boss house. Love seems to have blossomed between the two contestants.

A photo of Sreerama kissing Hamida is doing the rounds on social media. Star Maa has been attempting to portray their relationship as Jodi since the first episode. And in some episodes, Sreerama said that he would take Hamida on a date when contestants asked him which female contestant he would like to go on a date with. 

Sreerama and Hamida are always seen together, and their night conversations before hitting the sack show that they are interested in each other. Hamida is always seen hanging out with Sreearama. A section of the audience feels that Hamida is jealous of Siri when Sreerama moves close to her. However, finally, the much awaited love track seems to have started in the Bigg Boss house. 

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However, as per the buzz, Hamida is said to have garnered the lowest vote count as she is one of the contestants nominated for elimination in the fifth week. Now, with the new bond between Hamida and SRC, we wonder if Star Maa would want to show her the door. 

Bigg Boss Telugu viewers are predicting that Star Maa is likely to save her and eliminate Jessie in her place for the sake of TRPs. Let's wait and watch what the Bigg Boss makers are planning.

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