BBT5: Siri, Jessie Trying Hard to Win Back Shannu's Trust

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Bigg Boss Telugu makers came up with a great idea to break up Siri, Shanmukh, and Jessie's friendship by giving Jessie a secret task. As per the instructions, Jessie has to make sure that three contestants have zero eggs with them at the end of the task. In this task, Jessie chose Shanmukh as one of the three contestants and asked Siri to help him. 

Despite the face that three contestants-Priya, Priyanka, and Shanmukh-having zero eggs with them at the end of the task, Jessie and Siri were unsuccessful in completing the task, and they did not fight to steal them. Later, Shannu felt bad for being used by his friends to achieve their game plan. 

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Shannu said that Siri and Jessie betrayed him and let him down by not staying true to the friendship code. He accused them of playing their individual game to ensure their safety in the house. However, Siri tried to make Shanmukh understand that it was Jessie who sought her help to take the eggs from Shannu. Shanmukh, who was not ready to listen to them, asked them to leave him alone. 

Even Jessie apologised as it was his mistake seeking Siri's help. Instead, he could have selected Shanmukh to play the game. Shannu did not accept his apology and went away. Shannu has been ignoring them. Perhaps the Bigg Boss makers have achieved what they wanted--to let people make their own game instead of hanging out with their friends in the comfort zone.

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