BBT5: Shannu, Siri Most Irritating Contestants, Say Netizens

 - Sakshi Post

The most popular Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 has been trending since the first day it aired. Telugu small screen viewers have been witness to high drama in the house. The Bigg Boss Telugu contestants leave no stone unturned in their efforts to wow their viewers with their antics.

As you know, inside the Bigg Boss house, the equation between the contestants keeps changing. For some reason, in the first two weeks, Shannu maintained a distance from Siri for some reasons. Later, he directly said that he did not want to maintain any kind of relationship with Siri. But in the weekend episode, Nagarjuna patched up both.

From that day, Shannu has been losing his game and popularity as he is always seen gossiping with Siri. A section of the audience says that Siri is using Shannu for screen space, where Shannu is getting influenced by Siri. Anyway, they share a good bond and rapport in the glasshouse.

But netizens say that Siri is eating up half of Shannu's time because of which all his efforts in the Bigg Boss house are going unnoticed. They say that Siri and Shannu's Jodi is the most irritating one in the house. A few viewers support Shannu and say that Siri is the most cunning and irritating contestant who is trying to hide it. Viewers are even thinking loud wondering how Shannu is tolerating Siri's behaviour. 

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