BBT5: Shannu Reveals Why He Was Most Nominated by Housemates

 - Sakshi Post

In yesterday's Bigg Boss Telugu 5 weekend episode, Nagarjuna invited Konda Polam hero Vaisshnav Tej and director Krish. The contestants had fun with them. Later, Nagarjuna reviewed the contestants' performances and scolded the contestants who crossed their limits. Bigg Boss assigned the "Kings and Slaves" task to the contestants. Each contestant should choose one to be King and one to be a Slave.

Shannu made Ravi the king and Hamida, slave. Shannu gave the reason for choosing Hamida as the slave by saying that he did not see her much this week in the task and also says that she did not perform well. When Hamida questions Shannu whether he performed well? They both get into an argument. Later, Shannu says that contestants nominated him as it was confession room nominations. Nagarjuna appreciates Shannu and says that after nominations he has improved his game. Even netizens have said that Shannu is playing well.

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