BBT5: Priyanka Breaks Down After Father Says He's Okay With Her Being Girl Or A Boy

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Hey Bigg Boss viewers, don't miss tonight's Bigg Biss episode because you will get some good message out of it. It is common to see people treat or perceive transgenders differently. But shows like Bigg Boss have totally changed people's opinions about transgenders. The show is trying to prove that transgenders are also on part with us and deserve to be treated with respect. They are no less than a male or a female and it is high time that we accept the reality. 

The first thing everyone should know is Transgenders have a gender identity that differs from their assigned sex, which frequently results in gender dysphoria. For decades, researchers have been studying the reasons behind transsexuality. The most researched elements are biological, particularly variations in brain structure in connection to biology and sexual orientation. So there is nothing sinful about what they do. We can say it's also a gift to them. 

Priyanka Singh is the transgender contestant who made an entry into the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5. In an emotional episode which is all set to be aired tonight, Priyanka recalls her tough phase and the hardships she faced when the society discovered she was transgender. Priyanka Singh's real name is Sai Teja. She participated in the Telugu show, Jabardasth. 

In tonight's promo released by Star Maa, Bigg Boss surprises Priyanka with a surprise video of her parents wishing her a happy birthday. The promo is really heart-warming and viewers have loved it. They say that this is the best promo of season 5. Anyway, netizens say that Priyanka is the most beautiful female contestant in the house. 

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