BBT5: Netizens Brand Sreerama Chandra Worst Captain in Bigg Boss History

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 5: It seems that Bigg Boss Telugu viewers are enjoying this week's captaincy task and the contestants are giving their best to win the task. It is known that Ravi and Sunny are the kings, and the competition between them is cut throat. The equation in the glass house has changed. There have been major clashes between contestants. Following this task, Sreerama Chandra lost his popularity as contestants accused him of playing an unfair game. As Sreerama is the captain of the house, he is playing a sanchalak role in the task. If the contestant is playing sanchalak, then he is expected to do justice to both teams. But the audience feel that Sreerama is being partial towards Ravi's team. During the nominations, he pointed out to Jessie that he didn’t handle his captaincy well, but now it seems that Sreerama is doing the same. 
On the other hand, Shannu, Maanas, Sunny, Jessie, and Siri have changed their opinion towards Sreerama. Netizens on the social media platform have been trolling Sreerama for his unfair and double standards in captaincy task. Sreerama has lost his popularity because of these acts. 
A section of the audience says that Sreerama is afraid to perform the physical tasks. They say that all he knows is to judge other contestants and gossip with Hamida. They are also of the view that Sreerama Chandra has the worst attitude and lacks sporting spirit. They predict that Sreerama will definitely be in next week's nominations. Let's wait and watch what happens in the next two days. Keep an eye on Sakshi Post for more updates.

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