BBT5: Meet First Contestant To Reach Top 10 Finalists

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant VJ Sunny has become the seventh captain of the house. Sunny won the captaincy task after Anee master supported him by giving him the pin. As per Bigg Boss, the five captaincy contenders-Ravi, Kajal, Maanas, Sunny, and Vishwa were given a balloon each and asked to safeguard them from other contenders. 

The Bigg Boss also ordered that the housemates have to hand over pins to their favourite captaincy contender. While Ravi got pinched twice, he blasted Maanas and Kajal's balloons. In the end, Anee Master took the pin and gave it to Sunny, ultimately making him the captain of the house. 

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Now, it is the seventh week and Sunny is not in the nominations. He will not be in the nominations during the eighth week as he became the captain of the house and earned immunity. With this, Sunny becomes the first confirmed contestant to reach the top 10 finalists. 

Other than Sunny, Bigg Boss viewers expect Shanmukh, Ravi, Maanas, Priyanka, Vishwa, Sreerama Chandra, and Kajal to be in the Top 10 final race. Who do you deserve to be among top 10 contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5? Let us know in the comments.

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