BBK8: Will Manju Pavagada Learn From His Mistakes and Change Game Strategy?

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The most popular reality show on the Kannada small screen, Bigg Boss Season 8, has been trending since Colors Kannada announced its comeback with the second innings. Kannada viewers witnessed high drama in the house during the first innings. As you all know, inside the BBK house, the equation between the housemates keeps changing. Manju Pavagada and Divya S had a good rapport in the first innings.

But netizens said that Divya Suresh distracted Manju from the game. Netizens mocked Divya S for acting like a possessive girlfriend and taking up half of Manju's time. 

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Now, BBK viewers anticipate that Manju P will enter the second innings in full force and play his own game without distraction. In the BBK8 first innings, Manju played well for two to three weeks and then was left behind in the race. During the first innings of BBK, netizens predicted that if Divya Suresh was evicted, Manju would return to form. Let's wait and watch if Manju will be back to form or repeat his mistake. 

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