BBK8: Will Aravind Fans Support Divya Uruduga Or Shamanth?

 - Sakshi Post

Love him or hate him, you can’t dispute the fact that Kannada Bigg Boss contestant Aravind KP is one of the strong contenders in the ongoing season of popular TV reality show BBK8 on the Kannada small screen.

The show, which is hosted by Sandalwood actor, Kichcha Sudeep started grabbing the headlines even before it went on air. One cannot deny the fact that Bigg Boss Kannada enjoys a significant fan following across different age groups, especially youngsters.

 During the nomination process, Aravind KP chose Shamanth as the best player stating some valid reasons. After his verdict, viewers have become fans of Aravind KP. Netizens are praising Aravind for choosing Shamanth for all the right reasons. Aravind fans have now started liking Shamanth after hearing his views about the contestant.

It is worth mentioning here that his fans have been supporting Aravind’s dearest friend Divya Uruduga since the duo became buddies in the house. Now, the  biggest question being asked on social media is if Aravind fans will support Divya or Shamanth in the coming days. Let's wait and watch. 

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