BBK8: Is This Why Raghu Survived in The House, Ask Netizens

 - Sakshi Post

With each passing day, Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 is getting interesting, thanks to the show organizers and contestants for their tasks and performance in the house. 

In case, you didn't get a chance to watch last night's Elimination episode, then, this piece of news is for you, Rajeev Hanu was evicted from the house as he bagged the least votes compared to other contestants. 

It is not uncommon for show lovers to closely follow the mannerisms of every  contestant and also their reaction to happenings in the house. BBK viewers who are hooked to the show even predict  which contestant will get eliminated from the house. And weekends are extra special as they want to know if their judgement about the contestant and Elimination was right or wrong.

So, Kannada Bigg Boss viewers Some of the show buffs were eagerly waiting for BBK contestant Raghu to get evicted from the show in the ninth week as he was in the nomination list and also viewers thought that he deserved to go. However, much to their disappointment and shock, Raghu was saved from eviction. 

Now netizens who are upset over the Bigg Boss decision to save him have wondered on social media how Raghu survived in the game for so many weeks without playing any tasks. Now, the show is in its ninth week and he is captain of the week. 

Raghu will also be in the tenth week and at this rate they feel that there’s a chance of him to be among the top five finalists. Now, Bigg Boss viewers are suspecting that Raghu may have signed a contract with the show makers to stay in the house for a certain period of time. They feel that's why Raghu has taken it easy and not fully focused on the game. Most of the time he comes across as an overconfident person in the house, say viewers. 

Mind you, this is not our assumption. These are the views expressed by Bigg Boss viewers on social media. What's your view guys? Do you think Rajeev deserved to go and Raghu is good enough to stay inside the house? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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