BBK8: Vaishnavi Gowda, Manju Pavagada Fake Relationship Exposed

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Bigg Boss is one of the most-watched television shows on the small screen—be it in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, or any other language. The show makers bring contestants from various fields to entertain the audience. That's not all, the show makers also give them a career break through the show.

For the unversed, Bigg Boss is a paid show in which contestants earn on a weekly basis. Other than that, if a contestant wins, he/she will get a reward of Rs 50 lakh in cash prize. A few contestants who enter the house will go to any length to survive in the house for a longer period. A few others maintain a good rapport with housemates to attract viewers' attention and also evade elimination. 

On the other hand, a few Bigg Boss contestants try and fake relationship with housemates for TRPs sake. Contestants maintain fake relationships in the house to make sure they become the center of attraction for the channel airing the show as well as the viewers. Now, remember what Chandrachud said at the beginning of the first innings?

He said that Manju and Divya faked their relationship to survive in the house. Now, it appears that Manju's relationship with Vaishnavi Gowda (remember Vaish tied rakhi to Manju?), is also fake. Viewers who saw the episode last night, say that Vaishnavi Gowda and Manju Pavgada were pretending to be brother and sister only for TRPs ratings. For those who joined in late, the two nominated each other for eviction this week which has come as a huge shock to BBK viewers who had praised these two contestants for lightening up the mood in the BBK house with their jokes. 

It appears that although Vaishnavi's jokes on Manjanna was very well received by the audience, her decision to nominate Manju has upset fans to a great extent. It is clear that deep down in their hearts Manju and Vaishnavi Gowda want to push out each other out the house. Now, BBK viewers say that the bond shared by Vaishnavi and Manju was fake.

Netizens are trolling both Manju and Vaishnavi saying that if they truly cared for  each other, then they would not nominated. We all know that both the contestants are strong and likely to figure among the finalists. It is worth mentioning here that neither Vaishnavi or Manju is going to leave the Bigg Boss house this weekend. Like we said earlier, both the contestants enjoy a huge fan following and they are also strong contenders for the top 5 positions. 

Let's wait and watch what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

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