BBK8: Vaishnavi Breaks Down, Fans Cheer For Her

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Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 contestant Vaishnavi has gained huge popularity outside the house. Vaishnavi is being appreciated for her patience towards other contestants. In yesterday's episode, Shubha and Nidhi bullied Vaishnavi over the delay in preparing the food which made Vaishnavi break into tears. Raghu and Aravind KP comforted Vaishnavi. And today, Vaishnavi will be out of the kitchen department and Shubha, Nidhi, Manju, Divya S will take charge of the kitchen.

Following this, BBK viewers have slammed Shubha and Nidhi for not lending a helping hand to Vaishnavi instead of complaining over lunch being served late. Some of them say that even after Nidhi and Shubha were part of the Kitchen department, the lunch was served late. Vaishnavi fans are fuming at them for bullying Vaishnavi.

Vaishnavi fans want to see how Shubha and Nidhi will handle the kitchen department.  They have come out in support of Vaishnavi and asking her to be strong. 

Stay tuned for updates. 

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