BBK8: Survival Test For Contestants as Sudeep Returns to Bigg Boss House

 - Sakshi Post

Here's a piece of good news for Bigg Boss viewers and Kichcha Sudeep. The host of the show, Sudeep will be returning to the show this weekend. He couldn’t host the show for the last two weeks due to health issues. He has informed his fans and followers that he has recovered and doing fine now.

We can’t imagine Bigg Boss without Sudeep as he is the perfect host of the show. The way he grills contestants and the commanding voice he has is enough for his fans to go ga ga over him. No wonder then he enjoys a huge fan following in Karnataka. 

With Sudeep set to return to the show, it is likely to be the toughest week for contestants. There was no host to provide feedback on their performance and contestants were seen enjoying the show. 

Now, Sudeep is all set to grill them about their last two weeks' performances. With the show makers not nominating any contestants for Elimination, it is being said that Sudeep might give them contestants the toughest task which will decide who will survive in the house. Like you, we are also excited to see Sudeep back on the show this weekend. Just can't wait to know what's gonna happen on the show this weekend? Stay tuned for updates. 

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