BBK8: Who Will Sudeep Support This Weekend, Aravind Or Prashanth?

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Kannada Bigg Boss is one of the interesting reality shows in India. The current season of Kannada Bigg Boss is quite different in a lot of ways right from the choice of contestants to the tasks in the house. Bigg Boss Kannada is appealing to the audience as contestants fights in the house among themselves is making the audience stay hooked to their TV sets. Not to mention, Bigg Boss show is synonymous with one contestant- Aravind KP. 

There’ is a buzz on social media that there are innumerable fans watching the show only for Aravind KP especially about his chemistry with Divya Uruduga -they seem to be love birds in the house. His fans are praising him to no end.

Looking at the current scenario of Aravind's fan following, it’s easy to gauge who will the crown. Most of the audience had an opinion that Aravind KP will win the show. However, not now after he had a terrible fight with Prashanth in last night's episode over sportsmanship.

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Show lovers are asking host Sudeep to reprimand Aravind KP for being so harsh to the housemates and scold him for his actions and attitude in the house. Last night episode is going to have an impact on Aravind KP badly, as he is telling- I will make you understand (Prashanth) when he said I don’t know why they gave Kalpe to me.

Aravind is seen continuously arguing with Prashanth but not accepting his own mistake and they are asking Sudeep to take a class for him. It remains to be seen whether Sudeep will take a class for him or not. We have to wait and watch to whom Sudeep will support Prashanth or Aravind KP.

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