BBK8: Sudeep Praises Aravind's Consistent Performance

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Kichcha Sudeep's Bigg Boss Kannada has become the talk of the town. The show has enough spice to impress the viewers. Prashanth S, Vaishnavi, Aravind KP, and Divya U have managed to garner a huge fan following for the show with their gossips and fights. 

It is known that Kichcha Sudeep sent a voice message to all of the contestants in the previous episode in which he gave candid feedback on how they were playing the game.

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Sudeep was seen praising Aravind for giving his best in the task. However, he also mentioned, "Your Overconfidence May Kill Your Chances". By this, BBK viewers are saying Aravind will now concentrate on his game and will play the game even better. We can say that from day one of the show, Aravind is playing his game very well without any distractions. He is one contestant who is always on top of his game. 

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