BBK8: Sudeep Confirms Top Three Finalists Of Kannada Bigg Boss?

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Kannada Bigg Boss host Kichcha Sudeep is not only one of the finest actors in the industry, he has also proved his mettle as a successful TV host. By now, you know that he has been presenting the popular reality show Kannada Bigg Boss for several seasons now.  In fact, several viewers of the show admit to watching the show more for Sudeep than anyone else because such is the charm of the actor.

The latest weekend episode of Bigg Boss Kannada is still fresh in the memory of the viewers. Priyanka Thimmesh fans are disappointed, as she got evicted from the house. 

BBK viewers expected Kichcha Sudeep would lecture Aravind KP, Divya Uruduga, and Vaishnavi over their performance in the house. As you all know, the unanimous view is that Vaishnavi hasn't performed at all in the week gone by. With respect to Aravind KP, he was rude to Subha and Prashanth during one of the tasks. Although he apologised to them later, Sudeep maintained a stoic silence over Aravind's behaviour in the house much to the amusement of BBK viewers. On the other hand, Sudeep heaped praises on Vaishnavi Gowda, Divya Uruduga, and Aravind KP. 

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Now, currently a hot topic of discussion on social media is why the Bigg Boss kannada host (Sudeep) did not grill evaluate either Aravind or Vaishnavi, over their non-performance. The fact that Sudeep is promoting Divya U, Aravind and Vaishnavi week after week has raised eyebrows in tele cricles and given rise to speculations with respect to the outcome of this season of Bigg Boss. The topic is being widely discussed on social media. A section of the audience say that perhaps Sudeep and the Colors Kannada may be considering the trip as the top three contenders to clinch the title of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8. 

We can't predict who will be the winner until the grand finale. But, surely, it's easy to guess who are the top three contestants of this season, going by the way the show runners are projecting them to the audience. We think that Vaishnavi, Divya, or Aravind KP—one of them will surely become the winner and first runner up of Kannada Bigg Boss 8. Netizens say  that Sudeep has been promoting them to fetch massive votes for them. The trio enjoys a huge fan following too on social media.

Sudeep who regularly follows the latest happenings on social media, may have felt the pulse of the audience and seems to be very much aware about the popularity of the these three contestants. Sudeep seems to  be hinted at the top three finalists of Bigg Boss Kannada 8 with his treatment towards them. Let's wait and watch where Vaishnavi, Divya Uruduga and Aravind KP would stand in the coming days.

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