BBK8: Sparks Fly Inside Kannada Bigg Boss House as Divya Uruduga Proposes to Aravind KP With A Ring

 - Sakshi Post

Colors Kannada has released today's Bigg Boss 8 promo. In the new task assigned, contestants are asked to give something of their own to their favorite housemates. What caught our attention in the promo is that Divya Uruguda giving a ring given by her father to housemate Aravind KP in front of everyone. All the housemates are seen applauding her move and viewers who have watched this promo can't stop gushing about Divya's feelings towards Aravind. That is not it. Divya  U is also seen telling Aravind that she wants him to be there throughout her life. This promo has won the hearts of netizens who say that this doesn't seem like a task at all and that the duo is having a real-life conversation and are in love for real.

In the latest promo released by Colors Kannada, Aravind KP loses the precious ring given by Divya and the entire house gets into the task of looking for the ring. Aravind seeks help of all the housemates to find the ring given by Divya U.

Netizens are excited to watch tonight's episode and want to see Divya U's reaction when she gets to know that Aravind KP has lost the ring she so lovingly gave him.

The feelings between the couple come across as genuine and housemates too are elated over this. Netizens say that they won't be surprised if the two get married after going out of the Bigg Boss house.

Meanwhile, Manju Pavagada and Divya Suresh too seem to be so much in love. The same promo shows Divya S confessing her love for Manju saying she feels lost without him.

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