BBK8 Shocker: Prashanth Sambargi Beats Aravind KP To Become Captain of Bigg Boss House For Sixth Week

 - Sakshi Post

The most talked about a contestant in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8, Prashanth Sambargi has been made the captain of the house for the sixth week. In the captaincy task, Prashanth Sambargi won against Aravind KP. 

Aravind KP fans are upset that Prashanth Sambargi defeated Aravind. Earlier, BBK8 viewers said Prashanth is talking about everything under the sun but when it comes to performing tasks he does not do anything, but he proved everyone wrong by becoming the captain of the house.

Netizens are now curious to see how Prashanth will use the power of his captaincy. Bigg Boss Viewers are even more interested to see how other contestants will get on with him. A few people are of the view that Prashanth Sambargi is going to use his power to win more fights in the house. BBK8 fans say that the week ahead will be for the viewers who have to vote out inefficient contestants and contestants to get over this shock and manage to win the hearts of the viewers without getting into any controversies.

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