BBK8: Shamanth Breaks Down After Raghu Ensures his Place in Bigg Boss House

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Bigg Boss Kannada contestant Shamanth has won the hearts of  viewers for his fair game in the house. It is being said on social media that Shamanth is giving his best in the second innings too. Many of them have even predicted that he would be among the top five finalists in Kannada Bigg Boss season 8. 

It is worth mentioning here that Shamanth won’t be getting eliminated even this week as the show organizers are saving him since the pilot episode of Bigg Boss second innings. They did two fake eliminations with him, but they never really eliminated him. Yesterday, Raghu Gowda's journey in Kannada Bigg Boss house came to an end. Yes, he was evicted from the house. 

While leaving the house, Sudeep asked Raghu, 'which contestant do you want to save this week from elimination? Without any second thought, Raghu Gowda said he wanted to save Shamanth. He said, "We stepped into the house together and we have shared a good bond with each other. So I want him to stay."

Shamanth broke down after hearing Raghu's sweet words,  rest of the contestants who were in the house, too got emotional and came forward to console him. A section of the audience are heaping praises on Raghu Gowda’s kind nature.

They are demanding to know how the makers could eliminate a pure soul like Raghu from the house. We all know dear readers that elimination of contestants depends on the votes garnered. So we reckon that Raghu bagged the least number of votes which might have led the makers to show him the door him. 

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