BBK8: Rajeev's Sensational Comments After Elimination From Bigg Boss House

 - Sakshi Post

The Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 contestant Rajeev has gained a lot of popularity outside the house, thanks to his stint in the show. When Rajeev got evicted from BBK house, everyone trolled Colors Kannada for unfair evictions. They demanded Rajeev's reentry to the house. Some believe that if BBK did not end, the makers would definitely plan Rajeev's re-entry.

Recently, Rajeev's interview about his elimination from BBK has gone viral on social media. Rajeev appears to be extremely disappointed, not because he did not win the Bigg Boss Kannada season trophy, but because he could have finished in the top five contestants. In the video, Rajeev was comparing himself with Sachin Tendulkar that there is a myth that if Sachin hits 100, India will lose the match like that. Rajeev said he is not a 100 mark scoring person. Rajeev said he deserves to be in the house for 13 or 12 weeks. 

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