BBK8: Rajeev Fan's Heart Touching Letter To Colors Kannada And Sudeep

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 has emerged as one of the most popular reality shows on TV. Sudeep is seen hosting the show and has managed to attract the viewers' attention over the last two months with his hosting skills. Well known celebrities drawn from all walks of life are participating in the show with a dream to grab a chance to work for the big screen. 

Some contestants have even become audience' favourite, thanks to their performance and antics in the house. One of them from the Kannada Bigg Boss house is Rajeev, who got evicted in last week. 

Ever since he was eliminated, Rajeev fans have been urging the show makers to do justice for him. They are appealing to Colors Kannada to bring him back. Now, they seem to have lost patience and hope that the makers fulfill their wish. 

In a latest development, Rajeev's fan has penned a heartfelt letter to the show runners and BBK host Kichcha Sudeep, which is being widely circulated on social media. The letter reads “Just so much disappointed of Param sir and colors team .. we fans have done so much tweets, so many posts and stories.. they didn’t value our efforts … even we fans have our personal life.. if we are spending our time on tweeting, posting, stories it means we value Rajeev so much .. and at last we don’t get any reply from colors team.. is this the way you treat your viewers. You guys says your audience are god ssly?.. 

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It remains to be seen how Colors Kannada is going to react to this letter. Will they be able to bring Rajeev back on the show or not is yet to be known. Stay tuned to Sakshi Post for all the updates. 

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