BBK8: Prashanth Sambargi Is The Next Target Of Divya Uruduga Fans?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss contestant Divya Uruduga is one of the most stylish contestants in the house. She won millions of hearts with her cute smile, many of them have become die-hard fans of her fighting spirit in the game. Last night, Prashanth Sambargi nominated Divya Uruduga for elimination in the upcoming week. 

If Prashanth Sambargi had nominated Divya Uruduga casually, then Divya Uruduga fans wouldn't mind. But, he made some strong comments and shocking statements about Divya. While nominating Divya, Prashanth stated, 'I feel Divya Uruduga is a weak contestant in the house. We don't need her support anymore." He also said that Divya Uruduga always depends on Aravind KP to win tasks. Prashanth's reasons for nominating Divya Uruduga hasn't gone well with a a few BBK viewers and fans of Divya Uruduga.

Divya Uruduga fans are not okay with Prashanth's comments. They are trolling him heavily on social media. Prashanth has become the next target of Kannada Bigg Boss viewers. Now, Divya Uruduga fans are aiming for Prashanth to get him eliminated. The buzz on social media is that Divya fans want to join hands with Aravind fans to run a campaign against Prashanth. Remember how they had united to get Nidhi Subbaiah ousted from the show after the 'Swalpa Muchko' episode? They had even waged a fan war with Vaishnavi followers earlier. The same seems to be happening now. It looks like Araviya fans won't rest till they get Prashanth evicted from the Kannada Bigg Boss house.

What do you think, dear readers? Will Prashanth become the next target for Divya Urudga fans? Stay tuned to know more.

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