BBK8: Prashanth Gets Kalape Tag Again For One Single Mistake?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 is all set to witness high drama between Prashanth S Vs other contestants again. From the last three to four days, we have seen that BBK contestants in the house are after Prashanth Sambargi. As per today's promo, it seems Prashanth S will get the Kalape (worst performer) of the week tag again. Aravind KP, Manju, and Pranshath S are seen getting into a heated argument and as expected, Prashanth loses his temper. 

BBK viewers say that Prashanth called Manju a bodyguard for Divya S in one of the episodes and so all the housemates are now using the excuse to target Prashanth S. A section of the audience  say that he makes personal comments against housemates and talks rubbish. 

Meanwhile, Prashanth S is getting a lot of sympathy from the viewers and we can say that only Prashanth's drama can keep the audience glued to their TV sets. But it is yet to be known clearly which contestant got the Kalape medal this week and why the argument started. Let us wait and watch in the episode tonight.

Dear readers, do you think Prashanth deserves the Kalape tag again? 

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