BBK8: With No Guidance From Sudeep, Chaos in Bigg Boss House

 - Sakshi Post

The Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 has completed nine weeks with a lot of love from the audience. The show has managed to keep the viewers hooked to their TV sets. All credit goes to Kichcha Sudeep, who is playing the role of a host to the T to ensure good TRP ratings for the Kannada TV reality show. 

But for the past two weeks, BBK viewers are perplexed and so seem to be the contestants. BBK viewers have expressed their disappointment over not being able to see Kichcha Sudeep on the small screen over the last two weekends. Makers ran the show by assigning tasks to the contestants. However, viewers were bored of watching the show merely for the tasks. 

BBK viewers requested Colors Kannada to let Sudeep host the show from home. They say all the contestants in the home miss Sudeep's guidance. Last week, netizens even advised the makers to arrange a guest host in absence of Sudeep to guide the contestants. Some say if Sudeep won't host this weekend episode, contestants will surely spoil the game thereby leading to a dip in TRPs. A section of the audience feels that housemates really need guidance right now and they should get feedback on how they are playing.

So let us wait and watch this weekend, what Colors Kannada is up to

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