BBK8: Nidhi Deserves Performer of The Week: Here's What She Did

 - Sakshi Post

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8, the Bigg boss assigns housemates college task. As per the task, Aravind KP is seen writing several letters to Divya Uruduga. However, the letter never reaches her as warden Nidhi confiscated them all. Aravind's efforts to reach out to Divya fails thus. Netizens are disappointed too about Aravind KP's letter never reaching Divya.  

BBK8 viewers also are unhappy with the smartness of the contestants. The general feeling is that BBK contestants are hardly going by their common sense. They argue that Divya was not able to get the letters as they all reached the same place. If they were kept in different places, Aravind would have been successful, they feel.

Later, there is confusion over Divya S stealing all the letters of Divya U. But netizens who watched Voot live say that Divya Suresh only took those letters addressed to her. Around 3 am, Divya S took her letters and went back to sleep. BBK fans say that Nidhi played her game very well and she deserves to get the award best performer of the week.

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