BBK8: Netizens Slam Colors Kannada For Eliminating Rajeev From The House

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Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality shows on Indian television. Many of them would be dreaming to participate in the house as it will give them a chance to get opportunities on the big screen. 

And to achieve that, contestants enter the house with a strong resolve to play the game by staying inside the house for three months without any connection with the family. One needs to be really strong mentally to survive in the house. Though they get paid for staying in the house, but they do miss their families every day which is not a challenge in itself. Some of the housemates manage to even earn a decent fan following with their performance in the house. 

Do you know who from among the current contestants in the Kannada Bigg Boss house has earned a decent fan following this time? It is none other than Rajeev Hanu of Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 house. 

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It was being said on social media that Sudeep and the show makers were planning to eliminate him from the house. Rajeev fans seem to be upset with this social media rumour and hoping that it won't be the case in the elimination episode that happens tonight. 

Watch Colors Kannada tonight for the weekend episode of Bigg Boss and to know if there's any truth to this buzz doing the rounds on social media.

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