BBK8: Kanmani Better Host Than Sudeep, Say Bigg Boss Viewers

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With Bigg Boss Kannada viewers being disappointed over the absence of Kichcha Sudeep, Colors Kannada is trying hard to woo back the audience by exploring novel ways of entertainment. It is known that the entire Karnataka state is under lockdown to curb the spread of virus. 

Most of the people are hooked to their TV screens to beat the boredom. The host of the show (Sudeep) was unwell and hence took leave from his hosting duties and skipped the last two weeks. Bigg Boss makers continued the show without the host and managed to get some decent TRPs ratings. 

Sudeep who had actually promised fans to come back, missed this week too triggering huge uproar on social media. Hence the show makers finally had to plan something creative to console the audience. 

Colors Kannada roped in Kanmani in Sudeep’s place for the weekend episode. A mysterious female voice, who did not reveal her identity, talked to the contestants in the house about their performance besides asking them some interesting questions. Kanmani gave her assessment of each and every contestant in the house. 

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Kannada Bigg Boss viewers, who are mighty impressed with her have heaped praises on Bigg Boss makers for their creative work. Some of them are even saying Kanmani is a better host than Sudeep in Bigg Boss Kannada. Here are a few tweets which we have managed for you. Have a look : 

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