BBK8: I Don't Get Attached to People Easily, Says Vaishnavi

 - Sakshi Post

In yesterday's episode, we saw Vaishnavi and Divya Suresh having a heart-to-heart conversation about the Bigg Boss show. Vaishnavi and Divya S are getting closer to each other these days and are maintaining a cordial rapport. Vaishnavi  told Divya Suresh that she has learned a lot after coming to the Bigg Boss house. Vaishnavi says that she would never get attached to people, but she became attached to a few contestants after entering the glass house. First time in Bigg Boss house, Vaish was seen pouring her heart out to Divya. 

Vaishnavi goes on to add that all the fights and arguments they had in the house are likely to feel funny if they were to look back or watch the show after Bigg Boss house exit. Yes, we will certainly agree with Vaishnavi's words because we have seen innumerable  fights between contestants in every language of Bigg Boss only to find out later that they have turned friends. 

And contestants who watch the show sometimes regret their actions while laughing off their silly arguments. Clashes between contestants is very common in Bigg Boss where even best buddies have a fallout while sworn enemies kiss and make up.  Vaishnavi's wholehearted talk with Divya Suresh has brought them closer. Are they the new BFFs in town? 

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