BBK8: Fireworks Inside Kannada Bigg Boss House as Sambargi Loses Cool

 - Sakshi Post

In the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 new promo released by Colors Kannada, Manju, Divya S and Prashanth S are seen getting into a heated argument. Chadrachud and Prashanth S are seen singing songs at the pool. Divya S asks them not to make noise, then Chandrachud brings captain Manju between and Prashanth S refers to Divya S as 'Dovvu' (meaning she's the girlfriend / lover of someone). However, this angers Divya S who fires Chadrachud for calling her 'Dovvu'.

After seeing the new BBK8 promo from the episode which would be aired today, netizens say that Divya Suresh's attitude is too much and asking Chandrachud and Prashanth to maintain silence instead of creating a nuisance. They also said Manju could have handled the situation well being the captain. Manju and Prashanth S are seen shouting at each other which has made viewers wonder if Manju's aggressive nature helps in performing captaincy tasks.

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Watch the Kannada Bigg Boss season 8 episode tonight to know how contestant will sort this issue out because as we see there are fireworks and contestants have lost their cool.

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