BBK8 Final Elimination: Divya Suresh Knows She's Getting Evicted?

 - Sakshi Post

Divya Suresh has finally managed to reach the finale week,  despite the fact that BBK viewers expected her to be eliminated in the second week of the second innings. A section audience says that Colors Kannada saved her for TRP ratings. Because her equation with Manju P in the first innings saved her from elimination, and Shamanth's friendship saved her in the second innings. We all know that Divya Suresh will be evicted in this week's mid-week eviction.

It seems that Divya Suresh might learn that she will eliminate this week. We can say this because when Bigg Boss asked the contestants to tell their wishes, Divya Suresh asked Bigg Boss if she wanted to celebrate her friendship with Manju Pavagada. She requested Bigg Boss to send cake and wanted to have a candle light dinner with Manju P. However, Bigg Boss has not fulfilled her wish yet. It looks like Bigg Boss might arrange the date with Manju before her eviction on Wednesday. So we can say that Divya Suresh was guessing that she would get an exit pass for sure this week. Anyway, Divya Suresh got the least voting percentage for this week's elimination than Prashanth S.

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