BBK8 Elimination: Check How Many Votes Nominated Contestants Have Got

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Hey BBK viewers, it's Saturday! So, it's time for another round of elimination in Kannada Bigg Boss house! Kichcha Sudeep's Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 second innings is inching towards the fourth week after completing the third week successfully. The TV reality show Bigg Boss is an all-time favorite for the Kannada small sacreen viewers. The show is always ahead of the other show when it comes to breaking the TRP charts on the small screen. Priyanka T, Shubha P, Vaishnavi Gowda, and Prashanth Sambargi are the contestants who have been nominated for this week's elimination. 

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Check Out The Votes gained by each one of the nominated contestants 

Vaishnavi Gowda: 87, 678 ( 55% voting)

Prashanth Sambargi: 56,987 ( 49.7% voting)

Shubha P: 44,451 ( 41.6% voting)

Priyanka T: 31,659 ( 33.5% voting)

As per the voting result, Prashanth Sambargi and Vaishnavi are in the safe zone and Shubha and Priyanka T are in the danger zone. Many reports say that Priyanka T stands a high chance of being eliminated from the Bigg Boss Kannada 8 house. 

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