BBK8: Is Divya Uruduga Scared Of Aravind KP?

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Kichcha Sudeep’s Kannada Bigg Boss season 8 is creating waves on social media. Contestants like Aravind, Divya Uruduga, Divya Suresh, Manju, Prashanth who didn’t know each other before the show have now become good friends after entering the show and in their long journey with Bigg Boss 8.

In a recent episode, Nidhi and Aravind KP had a clash with each other over a task. They both have earned their name with their own professional careers and like we have told you earlier, Nidhi has acted in few movies and became and is a successful star.

While coming to Aravind KP, he is a sports bike racer. Last night, Nidhi said to Aravind that he was an arrogant person and he always dominated others. Aravind retaliated and was seen arguing with Nidhi without accepting his mistakes, netizens claim.

Divya Uruduga who was with Aravind KP was not interested in correcting him.

Netizens are asking if Divya Uruduga is scared of Aravind KP or is he controlling  Divya under his wings.

Why hasn’t Divya Uruduga  told Aravind that he is behaving rudely to Nidhi?.. has become a hot topic on social media.

Who do you think was correct in the task, Aravind or Nidhi. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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