BBK8: Colors Kannada Ignoring Prashanth Sambargi Mistakes For TRPs: Netizens

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 fans are mighty upset. They are firing Colors Kannada channel for editing the episodes. Netizens say that the live episode which is aired on Voot select live is edited when it is aired on the channel. Their grouse seems to be targeted at one of the most controversial contestants of this season. He is none other than Prashanth Sambargi. Remember how Kannada Bigg Boss viewers questioned host Kichcha Sudeep on the leaked footage in which Prashanth was seen lifting Divya.

BBK viewers now say that the deeds of Prashanth Sambargi which netizens saw on the Voot select live were not shown completely either on Colors Kannada channel or Voot. 

And the limited footage of Voot select live which got leaked online was immediately deleted by the Bigg Boss Kannada team.

Netizens say that Colors Kannada is trying to save Prashanth Sambargi by editing out his scenes before showing them to the public. Last week BBK fans thought that Prashanth will get evicted from the glass house, but he was the first contestant to be saved which became a huge peeve factor for Bigg Boss viewers who are wondering what's happening. 

Prashanth too got trolled on Twitter for escaping eviction. Netizens allege that Colors Kannada is saving Prashanth despite his behavior inside the house for TRP ratings only. And they also say that channel is doing the same with Chakravarthy Chandrachud who recently entered the house as a wild card contestant.

One of the BBK viewers is also saying the Colors Kannada channel is using Prashanth as a trump card. 

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