BBK8: Arvind Still Has Feelings For Bigg Boss Housemate Divya Uruduga, Here's Proof

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Kannada hosted by Sandalwood's Abhinava Chakravarthy Kichcha Sudeep is the most popular reality show on Kannada television. The chemistry between Aravind KP and Divya Uruduga appears to be one of the reasons why Bigg Boss Kannada's first-innings in Season 8 became a massive hit. We already told you that Colors Kannada has been airing several promos to build-up to the relaunch of Bigg Boss Kannada season 8. Even the show runners' pinned tweet features Aravind KP. There is no denying that Divya and Aravind undoubtedly ruled the first innings of Bigg Boss Kannada 8, and it would not be surprising if the same occurred in the second innings of BBK too.

Just to jog your memory, in the BBK8 first innings, Divya Uruduga gifted Aravind KP her ring. As we all know in one of the episodes Aravind KP had lost the ring only to find it later. In the recent promo of Colors Kannada for BBK8 second innings, Aravind is heard saying that this time he is not going to lose the ring. Netizens say that Arviya craze will continue in the second innings too. They say that Aravind KP still has feelings for Divya Uruduga, which is why he still has her ring with him even days after the show concluded. So, we are sure Bigg Boss viewers won't be able to can't take their eyes off TV sets when Aravind KP and Divya U get back on screen. 

It is known that Aravind KP and Divya U became hugely popular on social media platforms after their Bigg Boss stint which they did not expect. They also have a lot of fan pages on Instagram and Divya's social media trends even created a record with 50K tweets within an hour. First time in the history of Kannada Bigg Boss, these two contestants have broken all records. And we are sure there is more to come.

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