BBK8: Aravind's Regrettable Act Puts 4 Contestants in Danger

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Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 has become the talk of the town on social media. Have you heard about the contestant Aravind KP? A majority of the show buffs would reply with an 'Yes, as he is one of the strong contestants in the house. 

Aravind is very much aware about his fan following and fan pages under his name, which is being maintained by his loyal fans. Aravind perhaps is thinking that no matter what he does, his fans would accept him unconditionally. Well, we are not assuming this, it has happened before too. We think that fans of both Aravind and Divya have stood as pillars of support to them on all occasions, even when they were wrong. Obviously, they will support him no matter what. But guess what? His overconfidence has put four contestants in the danger zone. Yes, what you read is right. 

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Recently, Aravind was rude to Prashanth and Subha, as there were part of his team for a task assigned by Bigg Boss. Of course, Arvaind realised his folly and later apologised to them. But they are heartbroken. Aravind in last night's episodes was seen going them and saying, 'sorry I did my best'.  However, that did not stop Bigg Boss from nominating them. Now, all Aravind's team members are nominated for next week's eviction except him and he is responsible for them getting nominated for this week's elimination.

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Aravind may be wholeheartely regretting his mistakes. But what is done is done. He has intentionally or unintentionally pushed his housemates into the danger zone. And guess what? That also includes Vaishnavi, who also a strong contender and gives him tough competition for the top 5 finalists spot. It remains to be seen whether Prashanth or Subha will forgive him or not. Even though Prashanth seemed okay with the nomination, Shubha was heartbroken and she was seen being consoled by fellow contestant who said she will be fine. Let's see what happens.

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