BBK8: Aravind or Divya Uruduga, Who Will Sacrifice Bigg Boss Title If There's A Tie?

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Aravind KP and Divya Uruduga are winning hearts of the Kannada small screen viewers with their performance in Bigg Boss. They are often the center of attention in the Bigg Boss house and most talked about contestants on social media. 

All the Kannada viewers are aware about Aravind KP and Divya Uruduga's massive fan following in Karnataka state. Fans of the duo are extensively promoting them on social media. That’s not all, they are also urging everyone to vote for their own contestants. 

Whenever fans of other contestants troll or attack Aravind KP or Divya Uruduga, fans of both Divya and Aravind (Arviya) join hands to support them. Divya Uruduga and Aravind KP are the strongest contestants in the house who can get maximum votes be it elimination or when the voting lines open to decide a winner. But what if there is a tie between Aravind KP and Divya Uruduga for winner's title? Who do you think will sacrifice their title for the other? Will Aravind be able to sacrifice for Divya Uruduga because he has strived hard to reach here. Will he able to give up his title for Divya Uruduga? We don’t know whether Aravind KP will choose Divya Uruduga over winner’s trophy. But, Divya Uruduga might give up easily for him. 

The buzz on social media suggests that Divya Uruduga shares a special bond with Aravind KP not to mention her soft corner for him so, in all probability she might give up winners trophy and win the hearts of Araviya fans. 

Although this is just our assumption going by how much we have seen of both Aravind and Divya, if that really happens then the true colors of Aravind and Divya Uruduga will be revealed. But a person closely following developments in the house says, Colors Kannada may not be willing to take that risk to prevent any backlash from Araviya fans. As things stand, if Divya continues to stay popular till the last episode and survive all elimination rounds, then she could become a runner up in Kannada Bigg Boss Season 8.

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