BBK8: Aravind KP is Divya Uruduga's Mouthpiece, Says Viewer

 - Sakshi Post

Aravind KP and Divya Uruduga are the most popular contestants of Kannada Bigg Boss season 8, which is being hosted by Kichcha Sudeep. The two also enjoy an immense fan following outside the house.  

For the past few days, Bigg Boss viewers are not happy with the way Aravind is trying to control Divya Uruduga. Netizens are saying that Divya Uruduga is scared of Aravind because she will never raises her voice against him, even when he does any mistake. 

In a recent episode, Aravind was seen answering on behalf of Divya Uruduga to one of the housemates in the house. Bigg Boss viewers are saying Aravind KP is too dominating person and he is not even giving a chance for Divya Uruduga to express her opinions. They are asking why Aravind is trying to take control of her when the host has made it clear that all the contestants have to play their individual game. 

Aravind speaking on Divya Uruduga's behalf has not gone down well with the audience. Viewers say that Aravind KP is Divya Uruduga's mouthpiece. What's your take on this? Is he really the mouthpiece of Divya Uruduga? Let us know in the comments section below.

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