BBK Viewers Say Arvind KP Popularity Plunged After Muchko Controversy

 - Sakshi Post

A racer in real life who has taken part in several competitions, Aravind KP, became a household name on the Kannada small screen after her stint in the Bigg Boss house. Aravind is one of the most popular contestants of season 8 of Bigg Boss Kannada. Aravind has won the hearts of BBK viewers with his game and individuality. Aravind has also earned fame outside the house, which is evident in the massive fan following he enjoys. From the first innings to the second innings, Aravind has maintained consistently and his fan following has only grown on social media. The other reason for Aravind's popularity is his chemistry with Divya Uruduga. Even Colors Kannada loves their bonding so much so that they focus on  the couple in most of their promos for Bigg Boss episodes. 

As we all know, in the second innings, Aravind and Nidhi had a clash over 'swalpa muchkoli' word. Aravind fans, who were furious with Nidhi for insulting their hero, showed their power by running social media campaigns to get her eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. But a section of the audience say that Aravind KP has also lost his popularity because of that one episode as he too was seen using the Kannada slang. Compared to the first innings, Aravind's performance has deteriorated in the second innings. There are reports that Aravind might not win the BBK8 trophy if he doesn't improve his game. 

What do you think, folks? Nidhi was eliminated for using the word. Will Bigg Boss accord the same treatment to Aravind too? Let's wait and watch.

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