BBK Director's Startling Revelations About Manju Pavagada

 - Sakshi Post

If you are one of those eagerly awaiting the grand finale episode of Big Boss Kannada Season 8, this article is for you. We are also excited as much to know which contestant will be declared as the winner of BBK8. Manju Pavagada has been trending for the last three days on social media platforms. BBK viewers say that not Aravind but Manju will enter into the finale round and bag the trophy. Are you puzzled about why Manju Pavagada will win Season 8? Then check this out. In the first innings, Manju gave his best performance for the first two weeks. But after that, he was behind other contestants when it came to performing in the tasks as he got distracted. It may be recalled that he even became the captain of the house in the first innings. 

Now, in the second innings, Manju is giving tough competition to other contestants. He is even defeating strong contestants in the tasks. Yes, he may not have been chosen as the captain again like Aravind, but it's evident that Manju is giving his best. With his comic timing, Manju is even keeping housemates entertained. 

On the other hand, there have been several social media campaigns running for Aravind KP to become the winner. Now, Manju fans have become active and listed out reasons why Manju P should be chosen as the winner of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8. We all know that Manju Pavagada is from a small town in Karnataka. He has worked hard to reach this show. Even in the show, he has proved himself by never giving up on any hard task. 

Now, in a video showing Bigg Boss Kannada director's interview, some startling revelations about this contestant have come to the fore. The BBK director is seen recounting the day he met Manju P at a luxury hotel in Bengaluru where the contestants were quarantined before they entered the Bigg Boss house.

The director says that Manju comes from a humble background and that he has worked hard to get to this level on the small screen. He even compared Aravind KP and Manju P and said that Manju P's background is totally different when compared to Aravind KP. He says that being a motorsport enthusiast, Aravind KP has got huge sponsors and has visited different countries. However, Manju is from a different world altogether. Meanwhile, speculation is rife that the show makers are planning to make Manju Pavagada the winner of season 8 as he is from a humble background. BBK viewers who have seen the video say that perhaps the director was hinting at Manju's win as a way to encourage talent from a humble background. We will know if this will happen in the final episode of Kannada Bigg Boss.

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