BB15: Major Fight Break Out Between Rashami Desai And Pratik Sehajpal

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The fights are endless in Bigg Boss 15 house. Every day there is a new argument between the contestants; it just doesn’t seem to stop. Recently there was a fight between Rashami and Pratik where she made some comments on him.

Rashami and Pratik's dispute today became so heated that Rashami referred to Pratik as his parents' mistake. The latter was quite agitated, and the house was filled with a scream-off.

We saw recently that even Nishant and Pratik who are good friends since Bigg Boss OTT fought each other. It was a huge fight between them. It irked Nishant so much that he called everyone in the house, fake and unreal. Pratik retaliated and asked Nishant what he meant by that? What have I ever done to you?, Pratik asked.

Even Rashami reeled in to share her views and said that Nishant played for Pratik when he needed him and that he is a selfish person. Pratik disagreed with her but when she started shouting, even more, he called her a liar.

She kept calling him a mistake and a confused Pratik asked her whose mistake and what is she talking about? Rashami then said that he was his parent’s ‘chalti phirti galti’. This remark agitated him and he shouted at her asking to keep his parents out of the fight. The episode went on with them fighting and other contestants trying to calm the situation.

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