BB15: Audience Term This Person as The Fake Contestant of Bigg Boss 15

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Bigg Boss fans are busy discussing the name of the contestant that is the most fake player in BB15 right now. Every fan had their reason for the player they termed as the fake one. Someone took Pratik’s name, the other took Nishant’s name and some even said Karan Kundrra was the fake one. But the contestant that got the most votes was Miesha Iyer.

Yes, the viewers of Bigg Boss 15 took Miesha Iyer’s name and many on Twitter wrote that she was using Ieshaan Sehgal. Ieshaan might be turning serious about their relationship but on the other hand, she is just using him. Love-track in Bigg Boss house will help them and save them from getting eliminated, that is exactly what Miesha is doing.

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She has not contributed much to the show. The recently evicted Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya were providing more drama and content when compared to Miesha.

Few of them even said that she should have been eliminated along with Ieshaan because both of them have done nothing but give fake romance content to the audience. Makers keep such contestants safe as they provide ratings to the show. But if the audience itself is not liking the love drama then there is no point in it.

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