BB14:This Contestant Pushes Rahul Vaidya From Grand Finale Race

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss is one of the popular reality show in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and other languages. Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss has become talk of the town as grand finale is away from two days. The preparations for the grand finale are going on full swing. On one hand, Bigg Boss fans are promoting their favorite contestants on social media. If you any ask Bigg Boss fan who will win this time. Most of them would vote for Rubina or Rahul Vaidya as they are frontrunners to clinch the winner title.

If you think Rahul Vaidya would sail through final week easily to become the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 winner, you are grossly mistaken! No doubt, Rubina will become winner of this season. Off late, we hear Rahul Vaidya may not become runner up. Yes, what you read is right. Aly Goni’s increasing popularity too has become a thing to worry about for Rahul Vaidya fans. The grand finale voting results so far seem to be out. Do you who is leading? As usual, Rubina is on top followed by Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya.

People who thought Rahul could end as a runner-up, here’s shocking news for you. Aly Goni has bagged the second position and garnered huge votes compared to Rahul Vaidya. Aly Goni has managed to beat Rahul Vaidya. Aly Goni has pushed Rahul Vaidya from the race and the former might become runner-up of Bigg Boss 14. We don’t know how far this news contains the truth. Before jumping to a conclusion, we will wait for Sunday to whom Salman will announce winner and runner up of the show.

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