BB14: Rubina, Rahul Or Nikki Which Bigg Boss Contestant Spent Most On Social Media Promotions?

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The contestants have been in the Bigg Boss house for months now and it is not easy to maintain the top position. With a high percentage of votes fans will keep you safe from getting eliminated, but what instigates these fans to vote for a particular contestant?

When the contestants enter the show, it is important for them to maintain social media hype. While they are in the Bigg Boss house, their PR teams work hard towards keeping the fans engaged and constantly maintaining the contestant’s name in the news. It is also necessary that they stay in the positive light.

As we all know, Rubina Dilaik has been the top contestant since the beginning. Whenever she is nominated, Rubina ends up grabbing the top spot and is in the safe zone. Similarly Rahul Vaidya is also the top contestant and a contender to win Bigg Boss 14. This must be facilitated by someone, right? Yes these players get the highest percentage of votes, but along with fans, it is also thanks to the PR team that maintained an image for these contestants while they were in the Bigg Boss house.

If you go to the Twitter page of the Bigg Boss contestants, you will see that it says, “Managed by Team” which means that the contestant has paid a certain amount to a PR firm in order to handle their page.

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When a person enters Bigg Boss house as a contestant, they make sure that their social media page is handled by a team. This season, Rubina and Rahul have been the news and constantly make headlines. Speculations have been made as to how much each one of them pays for the social media team. Also Nikki Tamboli has reportedly paid a huge sum to a PR firm.

Rubina Dilaik

It was reported that Rubina has set up a big PR team before entering the Bigg boss house. She pays around Rs 2 lakh per week to her PR team. This was also allegedly confirmed by ex-contestant Jasmin Bhasin. When Jasmin said Rubina pays around 2 lakh to promote herself on social media, Rubina agreed. It was said that Rubina pays her team for paid trends, posts, boosting images and other content.

Rahul Vaidya

In yet another expose from Jasmin Bhasin, it was reported that Rahul has spent a whopping Rs 50 Lakh on the PR team. The team has been working extensively and has promoted him well. The PR team got a total of 50 lakh for promoting Rahul during his time in the show. It has been said that Rahul’s popularity will also benefit the PR team. As of now even his Twitter page reads, “Managed by #TeamRahulVaidya.”

Nikki Tamboli

Nikki’s entry into the Top 5 of Bigg Boss 14 came as a surprise as she became the first contestant to reach the Grand Finale, courtesy of Rubina. It was reported that even Nikki pays lakhs to her PR team. It is exceptionally less when compared to other contestants but Nikki also pays well to her PR team. They handle her social media account and boost other content.

When compared, Rubina has set up the best PR team and pays the highest amount on social media promotion. 

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