BB14: Rahul Vaidya Doesn't Deserve To Win Bigg Boss, Say Netizens

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The day of the Bigg Boss 14 Grand Finale is here. In just a few hours, we will have the winner of this season. As everyone knows, this fight is mainly in between Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya.

Fans have voted, the voting lines are closed and the winner will be decided based on that. Viewers are speculating that the winner will be either Rubina or Rahul. Fans are giving their reasons as to why each of them deserves to win the show.

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Now that the competition has reached its end and there is excitement in the air, fans are getting extra anxious. Avid viewers of this season are now saying that Rahul Vaidya does not deserve to win the show.

Some pointed out that he left the show midway as he was feeling homesick. The singer voluntarily exited the Bigg Boss house. Rahul called it quits and walked out of the house saying he misses his family. After a few days, Rahul Vaidya made a reentry into the house. He has not been in the show for all the days when compared to other contestants.

One Netizen on Twitter said that Rahul’s journey has been very boring. He did not provide much content to the show. Rahul’s contribution has been negligible. He didn’t do much except for proposing to Disha Parmar.

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He had few fights with Rubina Dilaik and that got limelight, thanks to the supportive fans. A khabri account on Twitter said that Rahul would not have been in Top 5, if not for his amazing PR team. Even Rahul himself confessed a few times that he wouldn’t have survived in the show, if not for Aly Goni and his support. 

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